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Professor Randi Rønning Balsvik

University of Tromsø
- Haile Sellassie's Students: the intellectual and social background to revolution, 1952-1977 (1979, 1985)
- Vardø: grensepost og fiskevær 1850-1950 [Local history of Vardø in two volumes] (1989)
- Afrika i eit historiografisk perspektiv (2004)

Professor Amon Burton          

University of Texas School of Law, USA
-A specialist on legal ethics and on torture and human rights in the twenty-first century.

Professor Stuart Clark
University of Swansea, UK
- Thinking with Demons. The Idea of Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe (1997)
- The Athlone History of Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, Vol. 4: The Period of the Witch Trials (with William Monter and Bengt Ankarloo) (2002).
-The Languages of Witchcraft: Narrative, Ideology and Meaning in early modern culture

Dr. Sarah Ferber
Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia
-Demonic Possession and Exorcism in Early Modern France (2004)
-‘Reformed or Recycled? Possession and exorcism in the sacramental life of early
modern France.’ In Witches, Werewolves and Wandering Spirits: Traditional Belief & Folklore in Early Modern Europe (2002).
“The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Devil: Exorcism, Expertise and Secularisation in a Late Twentieth-Century Australian Criminal Court,” in Damonische Bessesenheit (2005)
Professor Richard M. Golden
University of North Texas, USA.
-Editor, Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: The Western Tradition (2006)
-“Satan in Europe: The Geography of the Witch Hunts” in Changing Identities in Early Modern France, (1997)
-"Notions of Social and Religious Pollution in Nicholas Remy's Demonolatry," in Politics, Ideology and the Law in Early Modern Europe (1994)

Associate Professor Rune Blix Hagen
Member of the executive conference board/ Manager academic issues
University of Tromsø
- “The Witch-Hunt in Early Modern Finnmark,” Acta Borealia 1 (1996)
- The King, the Cat, and the Chaplain. King Christian IV's Encounter
   with the Sami Shamans of Northern Norway and Northern Russia in 1599,           Communicating with the Spirits (2005)
- “Female Witches and Sami Sorcerers in the Witch Trials of Arctic
    Norway (1593-1695)”, Arv Nordic Yearbook of Folklore 62 (2006)

Professor Ronald Hutton
University of Bristol, UK
- The Triumph of the Moon. A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft (1999)
- Shamans. Siberian Spirituality and the Western Imagination (2001)
- Witches, Druids and King Arthur (2003)


Professor Valerie Kivelson
University of Michigan, USA
-"Through the Prism of Witchcraft: Gender and Social Change in Seventeenth-Century
-Muscovy," in Russia's Women: Accommodation, Resistance, Transformation (1991).
-Cartographies of Tsardom: The Land and Its Meanings in Seventeenth-Century Russia (2006).
-Orthodox Russia: Studies in Belief and Practice, co-edited with Robert H. Green (2003)

Dr. Hannele Klemettilä

University of Turku
-Epitomes of Evil: Representations of Executioners in Northern France and the Low Countries in the Late Middle Ages (2006)
- The Executioner in the Late Medieval French Culture (2003)
- Ritari Siniparta. Gilles de Rais’n tarina. (2006)

Dr. Gunnar W. Knutsen

Member of  conference board                                                                                      Dept. of Archeology, Conservation and Historical Studies, University of Oslo
-Trolldomsprosessene på Østlandet, (1998)
-Servants of Satan and masters of demons (2004)
-Lange linjer i historien, (2006)

Professor Brian P. Levack
 President of the Conference Board                                                                            University of Texas at Austin, USA
- The Witch-hunt in Early Modern Europe (3rd edition, 2006)
- The Witchcraft Sourcebook (2004)
- -
Witch-hunting in Scotland: Law, Politics and Religion (2007)

Associate Professor Marianna G. Muravyeva
School of Law, Herzen State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg, Russia
- “Teaching Tolerance in the Classroom in American Studies: Witch-Hunting,
Protestantism and Tolerance in Early Modern New England,” American Studies Through Russian and American Eyes (2005).
- "Witch Hunting," in Gender Dictionary, (East-West: Women’s Innovative Projects, 2002) [In Russian]
- “Methodology of the Current Historiography of Sexual Violence in Russia and the West,” Journal of Gender Studies (2005) (in Russian)

Dr. Hans Eyvind Næss
The National Archives of Norway
- Trolldomsprosessene i Norge (1982)
- ”Norway: the Criminological Context. Early Modern European Witchcraft. Centres and Peripheries (1990)

Professor Marko Nenonen
Chairman of the executive conference board
University of Tampere
- Noitavainot Euroopassa. Myytin synty [Witch-hunts in Europe: Exploding the Myth.]
- Witch-Hunt Historiography from the 18th Century Encyclopaedias to the Present Research: A New Geography." In: Themes in European History (2005).
- “Envious Are All the People, Witches Watch at Every Gate.” Finnish Witches and Witch Trials in the 17th Century, Scandinavian Journal of History 18 (1993)

Dr. Steinar Pedersen
Senior adviser, Sami Development Center.
- Lappekodisillen i nord 1751-1859 : fra grenseavtale og sikring av samenes rettigheter til grensesperring og samisk ulykke (2006)

Professor Juha Pentikäinen
The University of Helsinki and Council Member of the University of Arctic
- Kalevala Mythology (1989)
- Shamanism and Culture (2nd ed. 1998)

Dr. Diane Purkiss

Keble College Oxford University, UK
- The Witch in History: Early Modern and Twentieth-century Representations (London 1996)
-At the Bottom of the Garden: a Dar History of Fairies, Hobgoblins, and other Troublesome Things, (2000)
-The English Civil War: Papists, Gentlewomen, Soldiers, and Witchfinders in the Birth of Modern Britain (2006)

Magnus Rafnsson
The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft, Iceland


Dr. Per Sörlin
University lecturer in History, Mid Sweden University
 ’Wicked Arts’: Witchcraft and Magic Trials in Southern Sweden, 1635-1754, Cultures, Beliefs and Traditions: Medieval and Early Modern Peoples 7, Brill Academic Publishers (Leiden, 1999).
- “Angels”, "Blåkulla", "Bohuslän Witchcraft Trials", "Mora Witches", "Sweden", "Witch Finder", i Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: A Western Tradition, ABC-CLIO (Santa Barbara, 2005).

Dr. Ólína Þorvarðardóttir
Formaður Vestfjarða-akademíunnar
- Brennuöldin : galdur og galdratrú í málskjölum og munnmælum (2000)

Dr. Raisa Maria Toivo
Member of the executive conference board
University of Tampere
-Mother, Wife, Witch: Authority and Status in Court Record Narratives.
University of Tampere 2006 (diss.).
-”Marking (dis)order: Witchcraft and the Symbolics of Hierarchy in Late
Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth-century Finland”, in Beyond the Witch Trials (2004).

Assistant Professor Rita Voltmer          link 2
University of Trier, Germany
 - Hexenverfolgung und Herrschaftspraxis, ed. Rita Voltmer (2005)
 -"Hexenprozesse und Hochgerichte: zur herrschaftlich-politischen Nutzung und Instrumentalisierung von Hexenverfolgungen," in  Hexenprozesse und Gerichtspraxis, ed. Herbert Eiden & Rita Voltmer.  (2002)
- Hexenwahn. Ängste der Neuzeit, ed. Rosmarie Beier-de Haan, Rita  Voltmer & Franz Irsigler (2002)

Dr. Liv Helene Willumsen   Link to HOMEPAGE
University College of Tromsø
-Trollkvinne i nord : i historiske kilder og skjønnlitteratur (1994)
- ”Witches of the High North. The Finnmark Witchcraft Trials in the Seventeenth Century,” Scandinavian Journal of History 22 (1997)
-The Witchcraft Case of Janet Morrison, Bute 1662. A Narratological Approach", Northern Studies 40 (2007)

Professor Charles Zika
The University of Melbourne, Australia
- Exorcising our Demons: Magic, Witchcraft and Visual Culture in Early Modern Europe (2003)
- Dürer and his Culture (with D. Eichberger, 1998)
- The Appearance of Witchcraft: Visual Culture and print in sixteenth-century Europe (2007)

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