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   Thursday June 28th

Witchcraft in Literature and History


Opening Session: Theatre "Anna Rhodius" - Teaterfabrikken, Vadsø

Official opening: Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs      mrs. Helga Pedersen


Welcome Speech:  A Short History of Vardø and the surroundings


Prof. Randi Rønning Balsvik, University of Tromsø,Norway


Keynote speaker: Diane Purkiss:


                                           Children's Literature and Neopaganism


Lunch break 


Academic session: Witchcraft Studies today


Chair:  Brian Levack

  Richard M. Golden: The Boundaries of Witchcraft Research: a view   from the          Encyclopedia of Witchcraft
  Raisa Maria Toivo:        Trouble with Gender and Witchcraft. Past or present?
  Marko Nenonen: The Geography of the Witch-hunt Research: Challenging the Western European Paradigm


Open discussion

 19:30 Heksa (“The Witch”) – Norwegian documentary film, 2005, 28 min
 20:00 Conference dinner



   Friday June 29th

   Torture, Persecutions, and Human rights


Keynote speaker: Brian P. Levack: Torture Yesterday  and Today


Keynote speaker: Amon Burton:



  The torturous road from Nuremberg to Guantanamo Bay:  human rights and the war on terror
 12:00-14:00  Lunch break


Theatre at Brodtkorp pier: "All these humans..........." -Teaterfabrikken, Vadsø









Session I: Torture, Persecution and Punishment I
Chair: Hans Eyvind Næss
  Rita Voltmer:  "... by cruel butchery innocent blood is shed." Torture and mass  prosecutions in the Holy Roman Empire
  Per Sörlin:  A Forgiving System? Witchcraft in the Swedish Courts in the Early Modern Period
  Hannele Klemettilä: The Executioner and the Witch in Late Medieval and   Early Modern Culture

Session II: Torture, Persecution and Punishment II
Chair: Hans Eyvind Næss
  Gunnar W. Knutsen: Torture in Witchcraft cases in secular courts  and the Inquisition in Catalonia
    Liv Helene Willumsen: Witch-trials in Finnmark and Scotland – Torture and confession
    Marianna Muravyeva: Russian witches on trial; law, society and witchcraft
in Eighteenth-century Russia
  The two sessions will be followed by a roundtable discussion on torture


Movie “Day of Wrath” (Vredens Dag) from 1943 – followed by a discussion led by Brian Levack  


Conference Dinner

   Saturday June 30th

 Witches, Shamans and Demons


Keynote speaker: Ronald Hutton: The Status of Witchcraft in the Modern Age


Keynote speaker: Juha Pentikainen:  

    The Northern Encounter of Shamanhood and Christianity  


Lunch break

 13:30 - 15:30 Session I
Witches and Shamans in Scandinavia and Russia
Chair: Rune Blix Hagen
  Steinar Pedersen: The Norwegian belief in  Sami shamanism -
impacts in everyday life?
  Magnus Rafnsson: Rituals and Male Witches in Icelandic Witchcraft  
  Valerie Kivelson: The Changing Understanding of the Witch in Russia at the time of Peter the Great
Roundtable discussion chaired by Rune Blix Hagen
 15:30-16:00 Coffee break



Session II: Demons and Demoniacs: Yesterday and Today
Chair: Rune Blix Hagen
  Charles Zika: The Biblical Witch of Endor and the Demonising of Necromancy in early modern Europe
  Stuart Clark:                   St. Anthony and His Demons: The Art of Discernment
  Sarah Ferber:                   Modern exorcism in the courtroom and the clinic
Roundtable discussion chaired by Rune Blix Hagen
  Closing ceremony: Theatre: "Enges monologue" Teaterfabrikken, Vadsø
 19:30 Departure to the Conference Party Night



    Sunday July 1st


Excursions, Tours, Performances


THE  CONFERENCE  SECRETARIAT reserves the right to make alterations in the programme

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